Mission Statement

Our Mission…

To promote the health of our regional community and provide safe, high- quality care and health services for our patients.

Our Vision…

Garrett County Memorial Hospital:

  • Will be viewed as the provider of choice in the region and be recognized for our progressive personal service encompassing the full continuum of care.
  • Will be known for our excellence across the region.
  • Will continue as a community partner and resource, striving to proactively respond to the health and wellness needs of our region.
  • Will provide a high level of community service and stewardship for the resources with which we have been entrusted.
  • Will recruit and retain the most talented and caring employees through continuous efforts to be the employer of choice in the region through employee friendly programs and policies.
  • Will collaborate and partner with other providers, as needed, to achieve our strategic direction.
  • Will be characterized by cohesive leadership, efficiency, sound management, financial strength
    and a positive work environment.
  • Will maintain a collaborative partnership between the Board of Governors, Medical Staff and Administration.
  • Will strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.
  • Will be dedicated to the process never-ending improvement.
  • Will be obvious in our expression and fulfillment of our charitable mission and community benefit.
  • Will be dedicated to providing the best technological tools possible to assist our caregivers in providing the highest level of medical care achievable within our rural location.
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