Board of Governors

Major policy decisions of the Hospital are tackled by the dedicated group of volunteers that comprise the Board of Governors. The 15-member appointed panel represents various communities throughout Garrett and surrounding West Virginia counties.

Currently serving on the Board of Governors is:

Peggy Jamison
Dona Alvarez, M.D.
Mark Boucot
President and CEO
Katherine Browning

Gregan Crawford
Jeannette Rudy Fitzwater Henrietta Lease
James Murray
Matthew Paugh
Richard Perry, M.D.
Betsy Spiker Holcomb James Stanton
Sandra Winters






GCMH's Board works to endorse policies that shape the direction and future of our hospital. In order to effectively enact those policies, it is of the utmost importance for members to stay abreast of changing health care trends across the country and in our area, as well as, the needs of our community.

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