Community Benefit

Garrett Regional Medical Center is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of its community and to improving the health and well being of all those served.

Community benefit efforts include all of the services provided to the community at no cost or subsidized as part of the hospital’s mission to promote the health of our regional community.

Our community benefit activities will target community health improvement and wellness through three components:

Access to Care.

Through charity care and financial assistance programs, patients will receive medically necessary inpatient and outpatient healthcare services regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Community Health Initiatives.

Community health initiatives will include Wellness, education and activity programs, screening, health education, and disease management programs.

Community Partner.

The Hospital will serve as a partner through collaboration with community organizations sharing our mission, by providing assistance, leadership, advocacy, and other forms of in-kind support.


Download the Community Health Needs Assessment 2016 and Implementation Strategy (PDF)

Download the Community Health Needs Assessment 2012 (PDF)

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