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Understanding the GRMC Foundation

What is a hospital foundation?

While most people have heard of a hospital foundation, few understand what it is or why it is so important to a not-for-profit medical facility and to the community it serves.

In much the same way a foundation of concrete blocks raises a building and supports it, a hospital foundation supports the organization by raising two things – funds and community awareness for the services offered by the hospital.

Historically, our foundation has focused on securing funds for critically important equipment that allows for state of the art healthcare. We will always need to upgrade equipment as new technologies emerge and we stand ready to help the hospital with this priority.

The Foundation has extended its fundraising efforts in the support of scholarships to enrich the professional skills of our front-line healthcare providers making for a more satisfied employee and a better served client. Gifts in support of scholarships can support additional training, attendance at workshops, or academic progress toward a degree or certification. The stability of our workforce and small town family care provided are often cited among our strengths.

Maintaining an endowment, a fund that is carefully stewarded in perpetuity, provides our hospital with a predictable stream of resources with which to plan strategic longer-term initiatives. An endowment can also provide us with the much needed flexibility to respond to previously unforeseen circumstances or challenges.

Donors have the option of having their contribution directed to patient care equipment, the scholarship fund or the endowment.



Our Mission

It is the mission of the Garrett Regional Medical Center Foundation (the Foundation) to orient itself to the capital needs of the Hospital as they may exist from time to time, and to develop long-term programs, the purposes of which is to educate the public as to the ongoing needs of the Hospital and to design and implement various means whereby funds could be contributed by these components to the Foundation, which shall hold, administer and distribute portions of the funds, as may be appropriate, to the Hospital for the said capital need.

The Foundation was established September 1, 1987, at the suggestion of  Jacquelyn Shirer, who at that time was a member of the Hospital Board of Governors.  She is still lovingly known as the “mother of the  Foundation.”  Ms. Shirer rallied a dedicated group of public-spirited volunteers to serve on the Foundation in support of the hospital.

As the Foundation reflects on the accomplishments of the past twenty-five years, we are gratified by our progress, moved by the generosity of our donors and energized by the tremendous Foundation’s focus. During this time period the Foundation has funded nearly $ 8 million in equipment and capital improvements at the Hospital.



Why give?

Garrett Regional Medical Center operates in a highly regulated environment that dictates the amount of revenue that can be generated through rates. The funds available through the rate structure simply does not allow for much of the patient care equipment that is so vital to providing state of the art care. However,  our desire to provide excellent health care to the  community does not diminish.  A donation to the GRMC Foundation is an investment in your own health and the future of your community.

Since its creation, the Foundation has raised over $12 million.  Every dollar raised goes to benefit the hospital. The funds are used for the purchase of medical equipment and capital improvements, to fund a scholarship program for hospital employees endeavoring to further their medical education or the endowment to ensure long term assistance for the Hospital.


Possible on any budget!

Recognition programs are a terrific way to honor someone important in your life and to show your support of the Foundation.

  • Tree of Lights.  Your economical contribution of just $5.00 allows us to add a light to our annual Christmas tree.  You will receive an announcement card to send to your honoree. .  This makes a great teacher gift! Or a gift for someone who has everything!
  • Gift from the Heart.  A gift of any amount is so welcome – in honor of someone you care about, in memory of a loved one, or to commemorate an event.
  • Cradle Roll.  Your gift of $25.00 pays tribute to a child born at GCMH, with a certificate to the parents, suitable for framing. The child’s names is added to a special cradle roll in the Family Centered Maternity Suite.
  • Year-End Appeal.  The Foundation makes an annual appeal by mail to the community at large requesting gifts of $25.00 or more.  This annual effort is so important  and helps us to build a list of friends.
  • Partners in Health.  An annual gift of $100 or more makes you a vital mainstay to the Foundation.
  • Life Savers Club.  A donation of $500 or more is truly a live saving gift.
  • George Loar Circle Membership.  The annual $1,000 commitment of your business, civic association, or organization shows your support of community healthcare.
  • Pillars.  We know that not everyone is able, but for those individuals who can make a commitment of $10,000 over a ten-year period, we give our sincere thanks with the title of “Pillar.”
  • Jacquelyn Shirer Circle of Planned Gifts.  You can make a generous donation to the Foundation without even opening your checkbook.  How?  Through planned giving!  The Jacquelyn Shirer Circle of Planned Gifts makes it easy to aid the Foundation by adding it as an additional beneficiary on your will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement account, or annuity.  It takes only a few minutes, and the gift can be any percentage you desire.  We provide sample language for wills and beneficiary forms.  Click here for our Confidential Membership Form.



Click here to find an easy way to sponsor the
future of the hospital without ever writing a check.


Every bit helps – it really does – and volunteers are always needed.  To get involved with the GRMC Foundation, call Steve Bortz at (301) 533-4304.

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