Employee Gifts Committee

The Employee Gifts Committee is a group of dedicated employees who go above and beyond their regular job responsibilities to assist with employee based projects for the betterment of Garrett Regional Medical Center. Their projects are endorsed by administration but selected by the employee representatives. Employee fundraising efforts typically include a 3-5 year pledge period which allows employees to participate at a higher level than a one-time gift would permit.

The WHAT (We Help Achieve Tomorrow) committee has chosen two separate projects for the current year.

  1. A new Point of Sale system will be installed in the cafeteria with accompanying components in accounting/payroll department and the gift shop. This new system will allow for payroll deduction, credit and debit cards as well as cash. Employees, patents, and visitors will all benefit from this enhanced system of payment. Payroll deduction swipes will also be added at many of the vending machines throughout the facility.
  2. The existing Walking Trail will be enhanced and upgraded to encourage walking exercise among the employee base and the community.
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