Jacquelyn Shirer Circle of Planned Gifts

Did you know that Garrett Regional Medical Center is actually the result of a Planned Gift? George Loar, through his will, set out funds to build a hospital. He had future visions. As stewards of our community and also of our hospital we not only have the responsibility to provide for the current funding of the hospital, but we also have the responsibility to fund for the future.

Most people have life insurance or retirement plans. What we are suggesting is that you take 5 minutes to add the Garrett Regional Medical Center Foundation as an additional beneficiary to your insurance policy or your retirement plan. This can be a 10, 15, or even 25% allocation. Most likely this will not be paid out for many years, but what an impact it will make to the future stewards of the hospital.

Below is a link to sample beneficiary forms and also some common simple language one might include to his/her will.

Sample Beneficiary Forms

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