Officials at Garrett County Memorial Hospital remind members of the community that a Caring Program exists at the Hospital for individuals with difficulty affording their Hospital care.

“The Caring Program at Garrett County Memorial Hospital is designed to assist the members of our community who need medical care but do not have the financial resources to pay for their services,” remarked Kathy Rhoden, Director of Patient Financial Services at the Hospital.

While Garrett County Memorial Hospital has a long-standing history of helping uninsured patients obtain the healthcare services they needed, a revised program called the Caring Program was implemented in 2006. This program offers financial assistance to underprivileged, underemployed, and/or underinsured patients who are having difficulty providing themselves with life’s necessities, i.e. food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare.

A report prepared by the US Census Bureau indicated that 12.5% of Garrett County households are living below the poverty level making healthcare unaffordable to them. Through the Caring Program, eligible patients meeting 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines can qualify for 100% financial assistance. For example, a family size of one can make up to $21,660 per year to qualify for 100% financial assistance. A sliding fee allows for partial assistance to qualified patients who are at 201% – 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

“Each application for the Caring Program is individually and thoughtfully evaluated for eligibility. We take into consideration special or unusual financial circumstances in our final eligibility determination,” explains Rhoden. “Our Caring Program allows us to assure access to care by those in need and demonstrate that we are a healthcare facility that cares for patients in need, regardless of their ability to pay.”

More information about the Caring Program can be obtained by calling one of our Patient Financial Services Customer Representatives at 301-533-4209 or visiting our website at

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