Now celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the Garrett County Memorial Hospital Foundation extends appreciation to the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors who have made their efforts successful.

The Foundation began in 1987 because of a vision of Jacquelyn L. Shirer, who was at that time a member of the Hospital Board of Governors. It was well understood that the funding needs associated with providing quality medical care in the community would continue to escalate beyond what the Hospital could met under regulatory constraints. The purpose of the Foundation was to step into this void and provide funds for equipment acquisitions and capital improvements.

Today, thanks to its donors and volunteers, the Foundation has been able to fund nearly $8 million in equipment and capital improvements that benefit the area’s residents and visitors. The Foundation has also established an endowment fund that will generate additional monies for the Hospital in the long term. Most recently, the Foundation expanded its efforts to include scholarship funding for hospital associates to further medically oriented careers.

Volunteers who currently serve on the Foundation’s Executive Board include Brian Boal, Bernard Davisson, Linda Fike, Barbara Frantz, Jonna Frazee, Regina Gearhart, William Grant, Eugene Helbig, Jr., Wayne Johnson, Offutt Johnson, Dana McCauley, Elaine McDonald, Jeanine Sisler and Betsy Spiker-Holcomb along with hospital representatives, Donald Battista, Tracy Lipscomb, Kathy Greaser and Jeannie Miller. Two of those volunteers, Elaine McDonald and William Grant, have served on the Foundation Board for the full 25 years since inception. William B. Grant currently serves in a leadership capacity as Chairman for the Foundation.

Investing Together for a Healthier Tomorrow was a theme developed in the early Foundation years but one that is still relevant as the Foundation continues its efforts on behalf of the Hospital.  Donald P. Battista, President/CEO of Garrett County Memorial Hospital  remarked,  “The Foundation’s past twenty-five years are marked with significant accomplishments that have strengthened the Hospital’s ability to remain at the forefront of delivering high-quality healthcare services to the community.” 

Looking forward and recognizing the Foundation’s efforts will continue to play an important role in the community’s healthcare picture, William B. Grant, Foundation Chairman stated, “As we look to the years ahead, we are encouraged and excited about the opportunities and challenges of working with GCMH and our community to further enhance the quality of medical care.”

The Foundation’s 25-year history is depicted in its 2012 Annual Report, which is available upon request by contacting the Foundation Office at 301-533-4041. Additional Foundation information is also available on the Hospital’s website at


Pictured is Wayne Johnson viewing the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary display in the hospital lobby. Johnson serves as the Vice Chairman for the Foundation in addition to being the Chairman of the Board of Governors for Garrett County Memorial Hospital.

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