Make Your Advance Directive a Part of Your Permanent Medical Record at GRMC

Garrett Regional Medical Center will keep a copy of your Advance Directives with your patient chart. If you are going to be admitted to the hospital you should bring a copy of your Advance Directives to be made a part of your permanent medical file.

Advance directives are documents which state your choices about medical treatment or name someone to make decisions about your medical treatment, if you are unable to make these decisions for yourself. They are called "advance" directives because they are signed in advance to let your doctor and other health care providers know your wishes concerning medical treatment. Through advance directives, you can make legally valid decisions about your future medical care.

Maryland law recognizes two types of advance directives: A Living Will Declaration and An Appointment of Health Care Agent.

How can I get more information about Advance Directives?

Contact: the GRMC Social Work Services Department at (301) 533-4312.

Visit the State of Maryland Office of the Attorney General website.

Download the GRMC Advance Directives Booklet (PDF)

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