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The team at Garrett County Memorial Hospital feels privileged to provide emergency, acute care, and surgical services.  But if we could have just one wish granted, it would be for each member of our community to enjoy good health and never need those services.  We work toward this goal every day with a variety of caring Wellness Programs.

GCMH urges you to take a proactive role in your health and the wellness of those you care about most, by taking advantage of these  cost-effective programs.  Please call our Wellness Department at (301) 533-4295 or (301) 533-4WEL (4935) to learn more about staying well through every stage of your life.

For Parents and Kids

  • Children’s Hospital Orientation Program (CHOPS).  We hope your child never requires a hospital stay, but sometimes bad things happen.  A little preparation now can go a long way toward alleviating your little one’s fears if medical care is needed in the future.  CHOPS is offered throughout the school year to orient first graders to the hospital.  This relaxed tour of the facility is specifically geared toward creating a favorable impression of hospitals, procedures, and medical personnel.
    To register or for more information call (301) 533-4041.
  • Safe Sitter®.  Available nationally since 1980, Safe Sitter provides instruction for boys and girls age 11 and up on dealing with the responsibilities of babysitting.  Participants receive a certificate of completion following a full day of learning about child development, age-appropriate activities, safety, security precautions, and the business aspect of babysitting.  We encourage parents of future sitters to get their kids signed up for this class, and all parents to ask for certification before hiring a sitter.

    The cost is just $ 35.00 and Safe Sitter is offered quarterly.  Learn more at www.safesitter.org and call (301) 533-4WEL (4935) to register.

For Women

  • Look Good…Feel Better®.  A diagnosis of cancer has a devastating impact on so many aspects of life.  This FREE program, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, educates women on coping with skin changes and hair loss from cancer treatments.  We offer Look Good . . . Feel Better regularly throughout the year (with pre-registration required) because we know that it’s important for you to share with others who are living with cancer and to maintain a sense of pride in your appearance.  Visit www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org and register by calling (301) 533-4WEL (4935).
  • Osteoporosis Screening.  Know the facts and take action to stay long and strong.  A bone mineral density screening helps to identify your risk for bone loss and future bone fractures.  This test is safe, quick, and convenient!
    Call us at (301) 533-4295 to register for the next osteoporosis screening.

For Everyone

  • Wellness Blood ScreeningFor  $65.00 (an additional $30.00 for optional PSA) you’ll receive a comprehensive blood screen panel valued at over $300.  It is offered every year on Wednesdays throughout the month of May.  Tests include cholesterol; heart, liver and kidney function; blood sugar; and more.
    An appointment is required, so please call:
    (301) 533-4041,
    (301) 533-4295, or
    (301) 533-4WEL (4935).
  • Wellness Education Center. Division of Garrett County Memorial Hospital. Call (301) 533-4WEL (4935) for further information. Classes currently being offered are:

Every Tuesday & Thursday
  • 9:00 am – Healthy Heart Floor Exercise – Aerobic exercise for the heart. This will be a moderate-intensity class to get your heart rate up and burn calories. A variety of equipment will be used including the aerobic step, dumbbells, stability ball, and resistance tubes.
  •  10:00 am – Bones-N-Balance - This class focuses on engaging your core for better balance. Weight bearing exercises will be added to build and maintain strong bones.
  • 11:00 am – Sit2B Fit - A low intensity class that offers a full body workout with the use of a chair. This class is ideal for post physical therapy and rehab patients, as well as for participants with limited mobility.
  • 3:30 pm – Mini Blast - Do you only have 30 minutes to work out? This is a high intensity class using circuits/rotations for a total body blast without taking up a lot of time.
  • 5:30 pm – Fitness After Five - FUN for everyone! This is 45 minutes of intense muscle building and calorie burning for those that like to work out after 5! A wide range of equipment will be used to boost your energy and increase your metabolism.
  • Wellness Consultations.  If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a medical condition, it’s important to learn more about what you can do to manage it effectively.  Our counselors provide educational sessions and follow-up materials for stress management and relaxation, smoking cessation, and weight management through nutrition and exercise.  We know that it helps to have someone to hear your concerns and answer your questions.

  • Arthritis/Fibromyalgia Support Group.  The camaraderie and encouragement you need to deal with this difficult situation.  April through September our group facilitator arranges FREE, upbeat meetings, each with a distinctive theme.
    No registration is required – just join us when you can.  For more information call (301) 533-4WEL (4935).


For Employers

  • HealthWorksWorksite programs are a win-win for employers and members of the workforce.
    The convenience of voluntary wellness opportunities, coordinated by a registered nurse and offered during work hours, encourages participation.  Many group health insurance plans reward involvement with reduced costs or more favorable deductibles.  Early detection through medical screenings means opportunity for effective management and improves chance of cure.
    As a business owner or manager, you reap the benefits of a happier, healthier staff.  Wellness programs are a proven method to decrease work absences and increase productivity.  HealthWorks is a cost effective way to reach many employees and show that you genuinely care about their wellbeing.


    We customize programs based on number of employees, your goals, and your budget.  A single offering or a combination of services such as flu vaccines, blood screenings, CPR training and first aid, weight loss programs, smoking cessation, drug screens, stress management, exercise, and speaker presentations is available.  To discuss or set up HealthWorks at your business call (301) 533-4295.


Garrett County Memorial Hospital – doing more than addressing your acute care needs.  Our wellness programs provide a proactive, compassionate approach to the health of our community.  Simply put, we care about keeping you healthy!


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