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At Garrett Regional Medical Center we are proud to be a Joint Commission accredited organization. Joint Commission standards address the organization’s level of performance in key functional areas, such as patient rights, patient treatment, and infection control. The standards focus not simply on an organization’s ability to provide safe, high quality care, but on its actual performance as well. Standards set forth performance expectations for activities that affect the safety and quality of patient care. If an organization does the right things and does them well, there is a strong likelihood that its patients will experience good outcomes. The Joint Commission develops its standards in consultation with health care experts, providers, measurement experts, purchasers, and consumers.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality care to our patients. If you feel that you have an issue with patient care or safety, please contact our Risk Management Department at (301) 533-4390. If the problem is not resolved you may contact the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations at

Click here to see the Joint Commission's report on the quality and safety of Garrett Regional Medical Center.


Maryland Healthiest Business Bronze Award Winner


Garrett Regional Medical Center has been recognized by The Healthiest Maryland Businesses Wellness at Work Program for its commitment to improving employee health and well being.

Healthiest Maryland Businesses (HMB) is a collaborative of Maryland businesses with a shared mission of improving health through worksite wellness efforts.  The goals of Healthiest Maryland Businesses are to raise awareness about the importance of sustaining a healthy workforce, recruit leaders who are champions of healthy workplace practices and policies, assist businesses with worksite wellness programs, and recognize businesses for their commitment and success.

The Wellness at Work Awards serves to recognize Maryland Healthiest Businesses members and highlight wellness initiatives that meet all the components of the CDC’s Workplace Health Model.  Based on this criterion, GRMC was presented with the Bronze Level Award.  GRMC has taken some of the first crucial steps to establish worksite wellness practices and identify a wellness champion in its pursuit of worksite wellness practices that promote a culture of health throughout the entire organization.   

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