Garrett Regional Medical Center provides incentives to improve quality care

Staff at Garrett Regional Medical Center, an affiliate of WVU Medicine, have the opportunity to develop evidenced-based practices and strategies that translate to improved patient services through GRMC’s Career Pathway Program, according to Kendra Thayer, Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care.

The program rewards staff for improving both skill level and knowledge base in order to initiate and sustain a multidisciplinary approach to achieving an efficient, cost effective delivery model across departments that is patient focused.

“GRMC is dedicated to providing our patients the highest quality care possible,” says Ms. Thayer. “We award staff for expanding their skill set and acquiring advanced knowledge in their field. In turn, we encourage staff to use that experience and knowledge in helping the hospital develop overall strategies that facilitate evidenced-based practices across disciplines. GRMC is constantly striving to enhance patient care and services, and our front line staff is at the forefront of that effort.”


Adopting the Career Pathway Program reflected the hospital’s commitment not only to its patients, but to its employees; hospital management believes professional development and growth are vital to recruiting and retaining a quality workforce. For that reason, the Career Pathway Program can be accessed by clinical as well as administrative and back office staff.


“Our patients are our customers, and the quality of service they expect and deserve goes beyond the inpatient or Emergency Department setting,” Ms. Thayer notes. “We want our patients to have efficient, customer-focused service delivery in their experiences with billing, dietary, outpatient services – really, across the board. We want our employees in every department to feel they have the opportunity to improve their skills and, consequently, the services they provide our customers.”


To participate, employees must apply to be part of the program. Once accepted, they must meet established criteria and work with a mentor to achieve program goals. Participants spend a minimum of 12 months at an established level before advancing to the next.


“Employees who participate in the Career Pathways Program present a high level of dedication that is admirable,” says Laura Waters, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources. “We are proud to employ individuals who are eager to become actively engaged with the organization, further their job knowledge, and advance their skill level by taking on these types of challenging opportunities. That is what makes our organization such an excellent health care provider.”

For additional information, contact Kimi-Scott McGreevy, Director of Marketing, Public Relations, and Grant Development, at 301-533-4356, or

Front row, left to right, are Twila Amtower, Bev Greaser, Teresa Domenick, Darlene Engel, Brenda Moreland, and Joanne Lambert. Back row, left to right, are Steven Peterson, Vice President Operations and CIO; Jennifer Michaels; Kendra Thayer, Vice President Patient Care and CNO; Heather Baker; Laura Waters, Assistance Vice President Human Resources; and Tiffany Morris.

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