GRMC ranks as one of Maryland’s best hospitals

Garrett Regional Medical Center (GRMC), an affiliate of WVU Medicine, has had a Surgical Site Infection Rate far below the national average for the last three years, when compared to the Center for Disease Control’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) database. NHSN is the nation’s most widely used healthcare associated infection tracking system, according to the CDC.

GRMC’s Surgical Site Infection Rate, at 0.20%, reflects the quality of care provided across the board at Garrett Regional Medical Center, according to hospital President and CEO Mark Boucot. The national average for surgical site infection rates is 1.9%.

“Our surgical team is among the best in Maryland, and the hospital’s statistics reflect that fact,” says Boucot. “The staff at GRMC works very hard to provide our community with the best care possible. The dedication of not only the surgical team, but the physician staff, the nursing staff, the facility personnel is second to none.  It is truly a team effort with everyone focused on meeting the needs of our patients and treating every patient like a member of our own family. We put our patients first, and the quality of care we provide reflects that.”

The CDC’s NHSN is not the only statistical source that demonstrates the quality of care provided at GRMC. According to the Maryland State Hospital Acquired Conditions (MHAC) Program, Garrett Regional Medical Center ranks as the state’s third best hospital for preventing adverse patient events. MHAC scores the state’s 51 hospitals on a metric involving what it terms “Potentially Preventable Complications,” which is defined as harmful events or negative outcomes that result from the process of care and treatment, as opposed to the patient’s underlying disease or condition.

GRMC’s performance on MHAC’s standards is not an anomaly. According to Chesapeake Regional Information Systems for our Patients (CRISP), Maryland’s statewide health information exchange system, Garrett Regional Medical Center has the lowest cost per Medicare beneficiary in the state. It also has one of the state’s lowest Potentially Avoidable Utilization Rates and, according to Maryland’s Health Services Cost Review Commission, GRMC has had the lowest readmission rate among Maryland hospitals for the past four years.  It was, in fact, the first hospital in Maryland with a readmission rate below 6%.

“We have very high standards here at GRMC,” says Dr. Charles Walch, GRMC’s Chief of Surgery. “We have adopted evidence-based procedures as established by the American College of Surgeons, and in many cases we have achieved performance well beyond those standards. The attention to detail, and the excellent support we have through the nursing and support staff, has enabled us to lower our Surgical Site Infection Rate to a standard that is exceptional.  Our mission statement really holds true: we really do treat our patients like they’re members of our own family.”

Dr. Stephen Bayuk, another surgeon at GRMC, agrees with Dr. Walch and notes that GRMC focuses on recruiting top notch physicians, nurses, and other personnel.

“Our hospital’s statistics reflect the team effort that takes place at GRMC every day,” Dr. Bayuk notes. “The surgery team works closely with the hospital’s nursing staff as well as other physicians to care for our patients and ensure they have the best post-operative outcome possible. We’re fortunate that our hospital works to recruit excellent physicians, nurses, and overall staff. Those high standards can be seen in the hospital’s results.  We always strive to improve and that has helped us to provide the best possible care.  In addition, GRMC doesn’t use residents or hospitalists and every surgical patient’s care from start to finish is managed by a board certified physician.”

Garrett Regional Medical Center has scored among the top hospitals in the state of Maryland for the last several years.

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